Ultimate Choice Washroom Fixtures

Over the past 32 years, we have designed a lot of washrooms in and around Essex.

Working with our washroom suppliers, we are able to supply a huge range of high-quality washroom equipment and accessories.

There are many different options for the modern washroom, from traditional styles made from hard-wearing materials, up to the more modern and longer lasting “no-touch” toilets, taps, soap dispensers and hand dryers.

Below are a few of the fixtures available to incorporate into your washroom design.



Open Doors

If someone falls or has a heart attack behind a closed door, you will need to open the door outwards to gain access to them.

With the M range from Venesta, you are able to open a cubicle door outwards within 30 seconds with no damage to the door.

Anti Finger-Trap


Every year, thousands of people trap their fingers in doors, especially children.

We are able to supply and fit doors that cannot catch fingers, preventing unnecessary injuries and potentially litigious claims.



If privacy is a concern, we can supply floor-to-ceiling cubicles.

These have a very calming effect for those who are anxious about using public washrooms and have a great aesthetic from the outside.



Floating cubicles, as the name implies, appear to float above the ground.

This is because all the supports are hidden from outside view, and you only see the panelling a few inches from the ground.




When security is paramount, or your washroom is accessible by the general public, it’s important to protect the inner workings of your washroom and prevent unwanted items being stored in the walls.

We can make sure that all your panelling is lockable so that only the people you allow, can access what’s behind it.



For the ultimate contemporary look, you can’t do much better than glass.

We can supply and fit glass panelling in many different styles, colours and shapes depending on the desired look you want for your washroom.



If price is your main concern, and you want a high-quality washroom that doesn’t break the bank, we can help.

We offer a wide range of economy washroom setups that will be just as hard-wearing and long-lasting as more expensive washrooms.



If money is no object and style is your main concern, then you’re in luck…

We offer a wide range of premium panelling to add the ultimate touch of class to your washroom setup.

Perfect for offices that regularly entertain clients.


Wall Hung


Wall hung toilets are perfect for easy cleaning.

With nothing touching the ground, it’s quicker and easier than ever to run a mop around a cubicle, reducing cleaning times and cost.



Accessible toilets, sometimes wrongly referred to as disabled toilets, allow people with disabilities to access washroom facilities.

This can come in the form of a wider cubicle, a wider pan or handrails to allow physically disabled people to get on to the toilet.

Hidden Cistern


If your washroom is accessible to the general public, or lots of people that you don’t want messing around with your fittings, a hidden cistern is a must.

Hidden cisterns stop people from accessing the back of the toilet, potentially preventing vandalism.



If you are expecting heavy foot traffic through your men’s washroom, urinals can help speed up the time taken in washrooms.

They also allow for easy cleaning and the ability to fit more toilets into a given space.


Wall Hung


Wall hung sinks, just like wall hung toilets, allow for easy cleaning in and around your washroom.

Wall hung sinks can also save cleaning time as they do not require a worktop to be installed which is one less thing to clean.



If you require a more sturdy setup, in order to prevent any vandalism, then a countertop sink is one of your better options.

With a countertop sink, there is nothing for people to hang on, plus you can use the extra space under the countertop to store cleaning equipment and consumables.



Undermount sinks are one step further to preventing vandalism as everything is set inside the countertop.

They also have a seamless finish that looks great and is even easier to clean due to the wide, flat surfaces.



For larger washrooms that require regular cleaning, it is recommended that you install a purpose-built, cleaners sink.

This allows your janitorial staff to easily empty and fill up their mop buckets so they can get the job done quicker and cleaner.




Mixer taps are the standard taps that you find in bathrooms and kitchens.

They have a separate hot and cold feed that combine inside one spout, with the temperature controlled by either one or two levers.

Push Button


For heavier use washrooms, we recommend push button taps.

These are more hygienic than lever taps, they are easier to clean, and they less prone to malfunction than standard mixer taps.



Levered taps have an extended arm attached to the water feeds.

They are commonly used in washrooms for the less physically abled and older people.

They make it easier to turn the taps on or off which the less-abled may have trouble with.



“No touch” taps are more expensive than other kinds of taps, but if it’s in your budget, we always recommend them.

Not only are they more hygienic than other taps they also have no moving parts for your washroom visitor to break, saving you money on maintenance in the long run.




Your washroom will need to have somewhere to dispose of waste, safely and hygienically.

We can supply waste bins for general waste or sanitary products, and they come in a range of styles including “no touch” for ultimate hygiene.



We have a wide range of soap dispensers to suit all tastes, styles and budgets.

From simple refillable plastic dispensers up to brushed aluminium “no-touch” dispensers, to built-in countertop dispensers that are all supplied from one refill point.



You really have two choices when it comes down to hand drying. Paper towels or hot air.

Paper towels are the traditional choice for washrooms and are generally prefered by the public, however, the cost of refilling dispensers can soon mount up.



More and more companies every day are switching from traditional paper towels to electric hand dryers.

Not only do you save money, but you also help to save the planet by creating less waste that may end up in landfill or the ocean.



If your staff have lots of equipment, or you have a sports facility where people need to store clothes or valuables, you’ll need some lockers.

We can supply a wide range of lockers, from general economy lockers, up to beautifully designed lockers in keeping with the design of the rest of the washroom.


Benches are a great addition to any washroom that regularly has people changing in them.

They allow people to sit down while changing shoes or trousers, preventing trips and falls in your washroom that could lead to litigious claims.

Baby Change

A baby change station isn’t just helpful to the parent of a baby, it can also help you as a business.

By offering a baby change facility, you may be inviting customers into your washroom that might have ordinarily walked straight past your place of business.


We can supply and install a wide range of shower types.

From individual cubicles for staff up to communal showers for sports teams and gyms, and even vandal proof showers for rest areas and hotels.

Still Not Sure?

If you’re not sure which washroom fixtures would suit you new washroom best, then we’re here to help.

We can even suggest alternative washroom setups in order to get the most out of the space you have.

We’ll draw up a full plan so you can visualise how your new washroom will look as part of our free quote service.

Get in contact to arrange a free, no obligation home visit, or pop into our showroom where we can show you the full range of options available to you.

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