Popular Bathroom Fixtures 

Bathroom fixtures come in a variety of styles. Below is a list of the most popular styles for bathroom fixtures.

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Whirlpool or Spa baths feature jets of water, air, or both, that relax your body and can relieve stress and muscle tension.

They can also help with lowering blood pressure, minimise the pain of arthritis and relax you before bed for a sound sleep.



Corner baths, as the name implies, fit into the corner of your bathroom.

They allow you to maximise the floor space of your bathroom by leaving the center of the bathroom clear.



Freestanding baths are designed to be noticed and create a focal point for your bathroom.

They are available in traditional and contemporary styles and can be placed anywhere in the room due to being finished on all 4 sides.



Walk-In baths are perfect for people with mobility issues.

They allow you to open a secure door, walk into the bath, close the door, then fill it up.

Popular with older people, they reduce the need to climb into the bath.




Mixer showers use the balance between the hot and cold water supplies to create your ideal temperature water.

This is the basic shower setup for those with separate hot and cold supplies.



If you don’t have a separate hot and cold supply, or would rather keep your hot water supply for other purposes, then an electric shower is what you’ll need.

They use electricity and a heating element in the shower unit to heat up your cold water supply to your desired temperature.



Eco showers use less water than traditional showers.

This is achieved by the design of the shower head which controls the flow and pattern of the water.

As technology and the design of shower heads improve, less water is required for the same result.



Digital showers are at the top end of shower technology.

With digital showers you can very accurately set the desired water temperature and be sure it won’t change.

“Smart” showers can also be linked to your home automation system so you can program the exact shower you love.

WCs / Toilets



Close-coupled WCs get their name from the close coupling of the toilet bowl and cistern.

This makes the bowl and cistern a single unit, which is perfect if space is an issue.

They are also easy to clean and maintain and come in a wide variety of styles.



Corner WCs are another great way to get the most out of a small space.

As the name suggests, these WCs are fit in the corner of the room.

They are commonly used in small toilet rooms.



Wall hung WCs, also called floating WCs, give a minimalist look to your bathroom.

They are mounted on a strong metal frame which is hidden in the wall.

Wall hung WCs are a great addition to a modern bathroom.

Back to


Back to the wall WCs keep the cistern hidden so that you sit with your back against the wall.

They are yet another way to create extra space in your bathroom and can be floor or wall mounted depending on your needs.




Drop in basins , also known as top mount or self-rimming sinks are “dropped in” to a hole cut in the counter top.

With drop in basins, the rim of the basin sits level with the counter-top.

These are the most common types of basins installed.



Pedestal basins are all-in-one basins that sit on top of their own pedestal and hide the pipework.

They can be free standing or fixed to the wall and are great for when space is limited.

Although typically used in traditional bathrooms, there are lots of contemporary styles now available.




Vessel basins sit completely above the worktop.

What used to be a very exclusive look, has now become more and more popular as the years go by.

They come in a massive range of styles to suit a wide variety of bathrooms.



Wall hung basins are another great space saver in the bathroom.

They too come in a wide range of styles and are very easy to keep clean.

They keep the floor beneath clear in order to create more floor space and give a clutter-free look.




Pillar taps are the traditional taps used in a bathroom.

They usually come as separate hot and cold taps with their own individual spouts.

They are often used in traditional style bathrooms, although there are lots of contemporary styles out there.



Mixer taps combine the hot and cold water supplies into one spout.

There are lots of styles to choose from for both traditional and contemporary bathrooms.

When used on baths, they typically feature a shower hose outlet.



Floor mounted taps are usually fit in conjunction with freestanding baths.

They can be installed as separate pillar taps, or as one big mixer tap.

Floor mounted taps are becoming more popular every day.



Intergrated overflow taps, also know n as oveerflow bath fillers, do away with the need for taps and instead use the bath’s overflow to fill up the bath.

The offer a clean, seamless look that is sure to get noticed.

The water flow is controlled by deck-mounted valves on the bath or wall mounted valves.

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