Are you having trouble getting your leg over?

We can help!

We know only too well that as we get older getting in and out of your bath becomes more and more difficult and at times dangerous.

At Ultimate Choice Bathrooms we not only design supply and fully install luxury bathrooms for the able growing family, but we also specialise in redesigning your existing bathroom for those of us that are slightly less able to ‘jump in the bath’ and to allow a far more easier and safer way to bathe.

Low profile non-slip shower trays, walk-in baths, lime scale protected glass screens, raised height w/c pans, foldaway seats and grab bars etc. All that certainly does NOT have the look of a less able person’s bathroom.

So many of our satisfied customers comment that they wish they had adapted their family bathroom years ago so they could remain independent and safer whilst using their bathrooms.

It’s not just ease-of-use and access that we specialise in either, we also look at giving you a bathroom design that not only looks current but we consider ease of cleaning and Maintenance to make life a little easier and prolong the life of your bathroom too.

Please do not think we are like so many companies around that will sit all evening in your home trying to pressurise you into having something you don’t really need.

After the initial short visit to your home to take details and measurements, we wait for you to visit us at our showroom, that has been established in Stanford-le-hope for 32 years, to view feel and try the actual products you may require and to fine-tune your estimate to your own requirements and budget.

You may also be eligible for VAT relief too!

So if you have been struggling to ‘get your leg over’ the side of your bath why not give Ultimate Choice Bathrooms a ring free for a free no obligation estimate. 0800 0269948

Who wants to be labelled disabled?!

As far as we at Ultimate Choice Bathrooms are concerned people who have difficulty carrying out individual everyday functions should not be labelled as ‘disabled’  just because for whatever reason they are ‘less’ able than the majority of people.

We specialise in adapting bathrooms for the ‘Less abled‘ amongst us.

Our bathrooms for the  ‘less abled’ do not need to look like something you see in hospitals and care homes with ugly plastic discoloured fittings that shout out a “disabled person lives here”, we ensure that your adapted bathroom will be an asset to your home welcoming to every member of your family abled or less abled.

Something to be proud of and to make you feel just as able as you want to feel.

So why not call Ultimate Choice Bathrooms now free for a no-obligation free estimate, on 01375 361666.

You may well be eligible for VAT relief on your new bathroom adaption to!